Built for an evolving crypto world.

Simplify your crypto tax experience and save countless hours with Cartera.

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Protocol Agnostic

Cartera achieves coverage of nearly every protocol without the need for manual integrations.

Data Integrity

Cartera enables robust data analytics use cases for traders and HODLers alike.

Reliable and Accurate

Cartera aggregates and classifies transactions saving you countless hours.

How does it work?

1Sync your wallets and centralized exchange it works, step 1 image
2Review any flagged transactions. Cartera automatically identifies spam and highlights any missing it works, step 12image
3Done! You can now review your tax liability, P&L and download your it works, step 3 image
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Cartera Tax Solutions

Save hundreds of hours

Accounting & Reporting

Save countless hours during tax season with Cartera’s industry-leading accounting and reporting tooling designed for HODLers and traders alike.

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Transaction Analytics

Cut through the noise and gain actionable insights for countless protocols through Cartera’s best-in-class transaction standardization.

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Transaction Standardization

Leverage Cartera’s protocol agnostic classification methodology to understand and analyze transactions.

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Portfolio Insights

Unlock valuable insights on historical transaction activity and current positions with Cartera's robust data models.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Cartera for free?
Of course! Cartera will process transactions in all wallets and accounts once they’re synced to our platform. You can view your first 50 transactions for free, and can download your full tax report by signing up for one of our Cartera Accounting Packages.
How does Cartera count transactions?
You only need to pay for transactions you actually do. Cartera’s advanced spam filtering automatically removes phishing and dusting transactions from your aggregate transaction count. Our algorithmic classification and parsing handles the hard part of crypto taxes for you.
Do I have to pay for transactions every year?
Nope! The first year you buy a Cartera Accounting Package will catch you up to the current tax reporting year. In following years, you only need to pay for the increase in transactions from the previous year.
What if I have very unique / custom transactions?
Cartera was built to handle even the most complex transaction histories with automated coverage for nearly every protocol. As long as Cartera is able to view underlying transaction data, we can analyze and classify transactions no matter how complex.
Can I generate additional reports if I change transactions?
You can download an unlimited number of reports through any Cartera Accounting Package each year.
What if I accidentally buy the wrong plan?
Not to worry! If you need to upgrade to a higher tier, you only pay for the difference from your current plan. We also offer full refunds for up to 7 days after purchasing a Cartera Accounting Package, and Cartera’s support team is ready to assist you every step of the way.