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Built for an evolving crypto world.

Simplify your crypto tax experience and save countless hours with Cartera.

Protocol Agnostic

Cartera achieves coverage of nearly every protocol without the need for manual integrations.

Data Integrity

Cartera enables robust data analytics use cases for traders and HODLers alike.

Reliable and Accurate

Cartera aggregates and classifies transactions saving you countless hours.

How does it work?

1Sync your wallets and centralized exchange it works, step 1 image
2Review any flagged transactions. Cartera automatically identifies spam and highlights any missing it works, step 12image
3Done! You can now review your tax liability, P&L and download your it works, step 3 image
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Cartera Tax Solutions

Save hundreds of hours

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Transaction Standardization

Cut through the noise and gain actionable insights for countless protocols through Cartera’s best-in-class transaction standardization

Account & Reporting

Save countless hours during tax season with Cartera’s industry-leading accounting and reporting tooling designed for HODLers and traders alike.

Transaction Analytics

Leverage Cartera’s protocol agnostic classification methodology to understand and analyze transactions.

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